Mike Saracini




I am a career changer and worked in radio broadcasting for over 15 years before realizing my dream of  entering the classroom.  The skills I learned while in broadcasting have definitely helped me keep an engaged classroom and have students learn in a different way.  If you ask any previous students about me they will tell you, "I'm not your typical teacher". A label I take pride in.


I have presented at the CUE National Education Conference In Palm Springs, Califormina, ISTE  in Denver, T-21 Conference at Illinois State University, IETC (Illinois Education & Technology Conference) in Springfield and  the  ICE conference (Illinois Computer Educators) in St. Charles  and #Tech Conference every year since 2015 in Springfield at the State Capital showing our state officals the types of technology being used in the classroom and why it is so benefical to learning.  I am also a team leader on the "Apple Action Research Project" and have lead various professional developments on uses/workflow of the iPad and integrating coding into the curriculum.


My philosophy in education is to appropriately challenge all of my students, to prepare them for the 21st Century digital world and to help them understand responsibility and become life long learners who efficiently and effectively collaborate with others, by providing a rigorous but caring learning environment.